Glue dots

Glue dots

Ideal for temporarily or permanently fixing samples, payment/plastic cards to letters, sticking small promotional items to magazines and more.

Our adhesive dots are of very good quality and we offer them in:

  • removable
  • medium adhesive
  • strong adhesive

Size: 6mm , 10mm , 12mm …

They are made in EU.

Lepiace bodky

Adhesive discs

Single / double sided adhesive transparent pins for closing boxes and packaging, sealing envelopes or fixing documents to pallets and attaching tickets, posters

Diameter: 10mm , 20mm , 25mm , 30mm , 38mm , 50mm

Removable and non-removable.

Possibility of perforation through the centre of the pin.

Made in EU.

Lepiace koliecka